Series Wrapup: The Grisha Trilogy


It took me about five months to get through this trilogy. For me this is a long time. If a series captures me I’ll eat through it in a week or a month at the most. (I devoured The Lunar Chronicles in five days, I’m a monster when I like a series.) It shows in my individual reviews of each book that this series disappointed me continuously. Beautiful covers aside there wasn’t much I saw as compelling in this series. My primary problem was with the main characters, whom I found shallow and annoying. Alina serves as a pitiful female lead, falling into several troupes that are so tiresome, such as a love triangle and relying on a male character to complete her.

Alina and Mal’s relationship was very distracting for me while reading this story. I found it to be overplayed, overly dramatic, and ridiculous at times. Bardugo had a very interesting concept and an original take on magic that got swept under the rug to support a love story that shouldn’t have happened.

Despite this flaw Bardugo has an arresting writing style and has a beautiful way of describing her world. Her world building skills are very developed, providing us with a rich backdrop and history that doesn’t weigh down readers with info dumps. However, a revisiting of the plot would have helped these books resound a lot better with me

Overall series rating: 4/10

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