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2017 Releases Watchlist

I kept telling myself I wouldn’t make this post. I don’t buy new releases typically, money has to go to bills, food, and school. I’m also on a book buying ban for the rest of the foreseeable future (over 300 titles on my shelf that I haven’t even touched. I’m actually garbage). However, too many of my favorite authors are coming for my pocketbook and my time. So here I am, listing out the upcoming books I’m most excited for a month after the year has begun.


Caraval (Jan 31st)

A couple book blogs I follow have been posting about this book, and a few have already bought and read it. There seems to be a healthy dose of sisterhood, magic, and intrigue, which put it on my radar fairly quickly. The premise sounds amazing, so I’m hoping for a hard hitter.



Wires and Nerve vol. 1 (Jan 31st)

I finished the Lunar Chronicles in four days. The series pushed Meyer into my top five favorite authors list instantly, and gave me a need for more of her work. What I love about this book is that It focuses on Iko, the friendly android who stuck by Cinder’s side throughout the series. I love when authors give more substance to minor characters, as it’s a much stronger way to explore a book’s universe without running a story to death. I’ve also been consuming more and more graphic narratives lately, which puts this right up my alley.

Bone Witch (March 7th)

I actually have this book in ARC form (thanks NetGallery and Sourcebooks Fire)! So a review of it should be coming fairly soon. Necromancers are something I’ve found to be lacking in fantasy novels, which disappoints me, because I love reading about necromancers. So of course when I read the premise for this book I was interested. There are some reviews that make me a bit wary, but hey, I got a copy of it for free. I’m hella excited about that.

Inexplicable Logic of My Life (March 7th)

This is mostly for the author. Sáenz wrote one of my favorite books, and his arresting prose manages to suck you in and spend the rest of the night dreaming. So of course, when I saw he was releasing another queer novel it made my list immediately. I have full confidence in him as a writer, and cannot wait to read this book.

Flame in the Mist (May 17th)

My only concern about this novel is that it is a Mulan-esque story (East Asian characters and all) written by a non-East Asian author. However, Andieh is a popular writer who also spent several years in Korea as a teacher I believe. The concept is very interesting to me; woman in disguise, gangs, intrigue. So here’s to hoping that it holds true (and that the publishers grant my request for an ARC).

Retribution Rails (Nov 7th)

This is the one I am most excited for. I fell in love with Bowman’s previous book Vengeance Road (I had a serious case of cover lust), and when I saw that there would be a companion novel I got unreasonably excited. Westerns will always be a soft spot for me, and any Western with a female lead is going to attract my attention. Plus, I had a small freak out session when I saw this cover. I mean, look at it!




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