Review: Big Trouble in Little Russia



Direct sequel to the film by RiffTrax very own Matthew J. Elliott


Jack Burton from John Carpenter’s cult-hit film, Big Trouble in Little China returns in Big Trouble in Mother Russia!

Jack is back and he’s brought some old friends—and a few enemies. Kidnapped and dropped into communist Russia, Jack and his best friend Wang must survive the KGB, the ancient Chinese Wing Kong, and a series of fantastical horrors if they ever want to get home. With the help of Gracie Law and Egg Shen, they will have to unlock a centuries-old mystery that could tear apart the very fabric of reality in order to survive.

From writer Matthew J. Elliot (RiffTrax; Doctor Who: Maker of Demons) and illustrator Elena Casagrande (Hulk; X-Files Season 10) Big Trouble in Mother Russia adds a compelling new chapter to the travails of cult hero Jack Burton!

I mostly requested this book from Netgallery due to nostalgia. Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorite movies of all time (sad, I know), so I could never insult Jack burton’s memory by not reading this book. However, you shouldn’t color me impressed yet.

While I found this book to be entertaining it is something I feel like would be much better as an 80’s movie. So in that regard, this installment keeps with the aesthetics and style of the original film, carrying it on into written form. That was just my problem. Jack Burton’s  character does not translate well onto page, leaving much to be desired on the character front. In fact, most of what I found to be so endearing about the movie just served as an annoyance in the book. The characters were not given much fleshing out, leaving them as page fillers. I was also disappointed in the lack of setting description.

Basically, putting an 80’s movie on paper was not the greatest idea. I would recommend this book as a mindless read for when you’re incredibly bored, but no anything more than that.


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