Give Me Five Friday

Give Me Five Friday: Five Characters 

Characters mean a lot to people. Sometimes you just identify with them on such a level that you use them to explain yourself, and it’s wonderful, because somehow they explain you more than you ever could have. Your favorite characters can say a lot about you personally, and I always find it an interesting question to ask. So for my first ‘Give Me Five Friday’ post, here are the five characters I love the most. (most of which aren’t book characters. Sorry!):


1. Coraline Jones



“Evil witch! I’m not scared!”

Honestly Coraline reminds me of myself at 10. She’s clever and whiny and constantly searching. Her tenacity is inspiring, even though the majority of her misery is brought on by herself, but she takes on the Other Mother and the world she has created with a steely resolve born from her own determination. She wants so much, and she gets it through her own efforts.
2. Chihiro Ogino


“I think I can handle it.”

Chihiro is so dynamic to me because she’s another 10-year-old forced into a situation that seeks to end her. It’s her parents who wind up putting her into this story arc, but Chihiro learns quickly to challenge her own fears and to prioritize what is important to her, never stopping for the people she loves.
3. Jack Burton


“We really shook the pillars of heaven, didn’t we, Wang?”

An obnoxious truck driver who can’t seem to keep his ego in check, I appreciate Jack for his crass attitude and loyalty. He’s a total ass, and an idiot to boot, but he refuses to abandon his friend Wang. Jack enters into a magical realist Chinese folklore mashup with all the grace of a toddler, but he honestly just goes with the flow and don’t ask too many questions, focusing instead on helping his friend rescue the love of his life.
4. Leonard McCoy


“All that time in space, getting on each other’s nerves. And what do we do when shore leave comes along? We spend it together. Other people have families.”

I too, am grumpy, ornery, and terrified of space. But despite his rough exterior, Dr. McCoy cares deeply about his crew and his friends. He’s passionate and empathetic, countering logic with heart and never backing down from what he believes in. To me, the assumption that McCoy is nothing but a negative character is false. He is negative at times, but also hopeful for the future, caring, and a crucial support system to his crew.


5. Stiles Stilinski


“You wanna play Catwoman, I’ll be your Batman.”

He’s loud, he’s sarcastic, but he’s dependable. Stiles is his friend group’s comic relief, and he isn’t always taken seriously, but he’s brilliant and cares so much. He wants his friends to be safe and will stop at nothing to make sure they are. If there’s a way he can help then he does without question, always sacrificing for the people he cares about.


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