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Give Me Five Fridays: How to Read a Book in a Day, the Five Step Program


I’m a fast reader, and when I say that I’m not over-exaggerating my ability. I literally eat through 400 page books in under 24 hours on a good reading vibe, then roll over to grab my next book. Multiple people have asked me how I do it, so here it is. The secret to my success in five steps:

  1. Pick the book you want to read.

Don’t pull out the dusty classic you feel like you SHOULD read, or the self-help book your mom bought you. Don’t even glance at the book for class. Grab the one you’ve been dying to read but haven’t had time for, the one you want to read so you can talk about it with your friends. Pick the one you know you want to have in your hands right now.

2. Hide your phone

You don’t even have to do this for the whole time man. But putting your phone under the bed or across the room so your lazy ass won’t want to get up and get it will be so helpful. Turn it on silent. No one needs to talk to you right now, and they won’t die without your presence. Trust me, they’re big kids, they’ll be fine.

3. Have snacks and water ready

It doesn’t have to be water, and you don’t have to have a specific snack. Just grab whatever. When you get into that good reading vibe you won’t even remember to eat my dude. But it’s nice to have it there just in case you do remember.

4. Take your book with you when you pee

This is key. Don’t fight me on this. I know you all take your phone with you when you go to pee, so instead of taking it and scrolling through FB take your book. I do most of my heavy reading in that time I spend distracted after I finish my business. That’s the time you spend about 30 minutes sitting on the toilet updating Twitter. Spend it working through a chapter instead, and leave when your butt gets sore like usual.

5. Take breaks

Go stress poop without your book. Scream. Go eat dinner. Take a shower. Lay on your bed for 20 minutes or an hour and check your phone if you’re dying to. No one said you have to do this in one go, because I sure as hell don’t. Reading a book in a day doesn’t mean you hole yourself up in a corner and don’t stop until it’s finished. Yes, sometimes that’s how it happens, but for me reading a book in a day usually means taking an hour or two to eat lunch, sometimes theres a shift at work, I go out with friends and finish it when I get home and before I go to sleep. Read it on your daily schedule. A few couple hour sittings is great to power through a third or a half of a book, and usually results in you sitting down more throughout the day to find out what’s happening.


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