May Wrap-up

Here it is folks, my first ever monthly wrap-up post. Honestly, I’m proud of myself. This is the first month I gave myself a reading list where I read what was on the list. I managed to work through several of the books in the beginning of my ever expanding TBR list (which is why I will never make one of those comment some book recommendations Facebook posts) and was surprised and disappointed by what I read. So, in honor of this month’s achievement, here’s the highlight reel of May:


Books Read:


Number of Pages Read:



Least Favorite Book(s):

You can see the whole reviews here and here, but nothing about these book gave me any kind of positive feelings. From Hero’s annoying characters to the campy dialogue to the struggling story-line to Heartless’ overuse of troupes and lack luster performance, these books managed to do nothing but disappoint.


Most Easily Forgotten Book:


Honestly all of what I remember is what I said in my review, and even that is a bit hazy. This book was so uninteresting and was unable to pull me in and make me have any kind of care for these characters. I was forgetting people and what was happening before the book was even done.


Favorite Quote:

“Often I wish this would all be over, Lisel, but then somehow you do something like walk down the basement steps with a snowman in your hands.”


Most Annoying Character:


Simon Snow

Hero’s Thom and Heartless’ Catherine were both heavy contenders, but honestly Simon was the one who managed to get on my nerves the most. While Catherine had her moments of okayness and Thom was easily ignored, there was no ignoring Simon’s moronic existence. The entirety of the first half of the novel was mostly pointless, just forcing us to mope and trudge along after him until the love story we were promised happened.


Most Memorable Character:


Dante Quintana

Dante is the life and soul of this book. His outlook on life and the way he carries himself, the reader, and Aristotle through the pages is amazing. Everything about him is larger than life, wild and untamable. That’s probably why Aristotle has such a thing for him.


Best Couple: 


Natasha and Daniel

Literally everything about this couple was heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once. I loved watching their story develop and seeing them start to fall for one another in an original and realistic way.

Favorite Book:


Earning a 5 star review from me on Goodreads is tough to do, but Nicola Yoon did it and this book earned a spot on my All Time Faves list. I will highly recommend it to anyone who asks me for a recommendation.


Which Ones I Would Recommend:


So that’s it for May I guess! Tomorrow I’ll be posting my June TBR and listing out the summaries for everything I have on the to read list for the month. If you have a book you think I should check out in June and review (or July if you want a guaranteed look at) leave it below! Did I read any of your faves in May? Want to argue with me about not giving Olly and Madeline best couple (which they almost got) or any other choices? Go ahead and comment!


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