Give Me Five Friday

Give Me Five Friday: 5 Summer Songs You Should Be Listening To

Summer is my shit. For some reason, I’m so much more focused, I get to work, read what I want, and spend time with the friends I don’t get to see during the school year. So naturally I create endless playlists to play on loop while I’m driving to work or for personal dance parties in my room. A lot of these songs are ones that I will never listen to outside the summer, because they’re just part of that aesthetic and feeling. So, here’s a quick round-up of five summer songs for you to download this summer!


  1. Strip That Down-Liam Payne


Youtube | iTunes

I was a One Direction fan in my time, so I’ve been known to check out their solo careers every occasionally. This song has very quickly become one of my hoe songs for the summer, and everyone needs a bump and grind song to unwind after work and let off a little steam. Somehow this has wiggled its way into my top five most played on my iTunes, so I’d defiantly advise you to download it.



Youtube |

This is the BOP of the century. EXO is one of my favorite groups (yes, I know they’re a Kpop group literally fight me) so I will be the first to say I am all the way up their asses. So, when their company announced there was going to be a sub-unit including my favorite member there was no way I wouldn’t love everything they did. Their first song was the bop of the century until Ka-CHING came out, so honestly what are you doing with your life if you aren’t listening to this?

  1. Manse-Seventeen


Youtube | iTunes

Another Kpop song, this one has been a feature on my summer playlist for two years now. I don’t really listen to it at any other time, because this bubblegum pop tune is just perfect for hot days and road trips. If you’re ready for a dance party this is the one you want to play.

  1. I Don’t Wanna Leave (Remix)-Show Tha Product


Youtube |

Not going to lie, I really enjoy listening to rap. This one is a remix of another song by a Mexican female rapper, and she goes hard in both English and Spanish. This is one that always comes up on my playlist when I’m driving and I’ve gotten my share of looks for dancing to it a little in the car. I love, love, love this song.

  1. Honey, I’m Home-Shania Twain


Youtube | iTunes

Come on. This is a classic. Do you really need an explanation?



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