Give Me Five Friday

Give Me Five Friday: 5 Movies I Will Always Rewatch

I don’t watch a lot of new movies. Maybe it plays into how I never want to leave my house and go to the theatre, but there are a handful of movies that I find myself watching repeatedly when I want to fill the void and have nothing I feel like reading. So here’s the five movies that are always available for movie nights with me:



Maybe it’s because Coraline reminds me so much of myself when I was younger. But this movie hasn’t lost its charm for me yet. The aesthetics are still as entertaining and intriguing as ever, the story still holding fast with me even several years after I first watched it.

Spirited Away


Let’s be real, Studio Ghibli’s and Hayo Miazaki’s cult status should be enough to explain this addition. But Spirited Away, for me, is his best. I love watching Chihiro go from an annoying brat to a young girl who’s so much more sure and confident in herself. The character development in this movie is amazing, plus the fantastic visuals will always impresses me when I see it.

The First Wives Club


Something about having three women laugh, love, and rage together over their destroyed marriages is therapeutic. Maybe its watching women find not only themselves but their friends again, because any girl will tell you it’s the people who help make the journey worth it. (Plus, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler are amazing so who wouldn’t want to see them in action?)

The Eagle

This is the only story I can think of that doesn’t have a romance added in for extra spice, which may have been why it didn’t do as well in the box office, but I find it so interesting. This is based off a book (which I have and haven’t gotten to of course) and follows a Roman soldier and his Celt slave (who later become his master, then friend, then a free man) as they search for the lost Roman standard of the Ninth Legion. I find this so enthralling because its Channing Tatum in a serious and solid role, the film is well written, and if you want it there is some healthy gay subtext in this movie.

Moonrise Kingdom


Nothing really happens in this movie. It’s white people full of white nonsense running around and doing things that don’t make a lot of sense, with slow camera pans that focus on characters staring at each other a lot. But there is an undeniable charm and aesthetic that I enjoy in this movie, and I find myself watching it again and again when I can’t decide what to put on while I procrastinate on my homework.


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