June Wrap-Up

So you know that post I made that was all about my June TBR? Yeah, I don’t think I followed that very well, surprise, surprise. I have a fallible weakness when it comes to libraries and books that are not on my designated reading list. But it’s okay, because while I didn’t work on my actual list, I still read quite a bit. So here’s my equal parts failure and triumphant June wrap-up:

Books Read:


Number of Pages Read:

2,383. I’m down about half from last month’s count, despite only reading two books less. This is probably because I read several children’s books, and the big kid books I did read were a lot smaller than normal. It was a pretty easy reading month for me.

Least Favorite Book(s):


The full review has been up for awhile, so I won’t need to rehash everything I didn’t like about this book. But it was a huge disappointment considering how much I enjoyed Anna and the French Kiss. There was nothing but mellow drama, idiocy, and annoying characters all around.

Most Easily Forgotten Book:


Maybe this is something I should of read as a child, but the whole “this is one of the most important holiday stories ever” title is a little hasty don’t you think? I thought it was extremely bland, but then again Christ,mas was never a big deal to me as a child, or now, so maybe it’s a me thing.

Favorite Quote:

When you're scared and you still do it anyways, that's brave.-2

Most Annoying Character:

Vonetta Gaither

While Delphine ranks as my favorite character, her sister Vonetta is easily the one who annoyed me the most. I found myself rolling my eyes and putting down these books more than a few times because of her. Maybe it’s because I’m not an older sister, but I admire Delphine’s ability to not slap Vonetta at least twice a chapter.

Most Memorable Character:


Delphine Gaither

Her tenacity and ability throughout the story is admirable, and she’s exactly the type of flawed, tough, real female character we all crave so desperately from the stories we read. Β Delphine could hold her own against anyone, and it’s so great to see that in a children’s book.

Best Couple:


Daisy and Tom. They deserve each other. No really, they do.

Favorite Book:


I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, and how well it fit into my current state of being. The personal story behind this novel rang true for me, and I feel like it will do the same for others.

Which Ones I Would Recommend:


So as far as June was concerned, I barely made it halfway through the reading list. But that’s okay! Because I read a lot of books I wanted to read instead of what’s on the list, and since I didn’t buy any of these new books I read, it balances out I think. Have any opinions on the books I read? Disagree with some of my choices? Let me know below and we can have at it with some good old fashioned fisticuffs.

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