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July TBR

Since I strayed so far from my June TBR pile, this will be a rehash of the novels I put down to read last month. However, I’ve reassessed the books I chose and streamlined the reading list, as I’ve been taught to do by the clan of minimalists in my life who I attempt to emulate. So here is the July TBR:



A little of this is cheating, since I’ve been listening to the Eragon audiobook for the greater part of June, and I’m on some early chapter of A Million Worlds With You. But it’s. my reading list, and I want to finish these books. Since this is a smaller group I’m hoping that will encourage me to reach for more of the books on my shelf and finish them (and then cut down on the amount of unread books I have in my possession).

Also, a proclamation. I, Leslie Smith, will not check out another book from the library for July. Nor will I buy a new book from the thriftstore. I will read the books I own, so that I will feel a little less guilty about owning so many that I have never opened. This summer has given me a lot of time to think about what frustrates, upsets, and makes me happy. I’ve also been trying to be a person who uses and acquires less, and takes better care of themselves. Since reading the books I own is something that’s been on my mental to do list but has never really happened, it’s something I’d like to focus on for July, and probably August as well. So, here I go into the sunny yonder. (Also, I’ve decided to forgo the summary section of my TBR posts, because I don’t want to do it anymore. It’s nice to cut things out when you don’t want to do them, isn’t it?)


2 thoughts on “July TBR”

  1. Hi Leslie! I just wanted to quickly say thank you for linking back on my (Exo) Rating Guide; I’m not sure when you made yours but I only just saw it. (I decided to comment on this post since I can’t on your actual Rating System page.) ^.^

    And good luck with sticking with picking up books that you already own. I’ve been telling myself to do that for a while now as well but I always seem to cave and buy new books. >.<

    Also, have fun with Blood for Blood. The conclusion to that series had me in a book coma for weeks. T_T And I hope you love The Hate U Give. 🙂

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