Review: Au Revoir, Crazy European Chic


Ferris Bueller meets La Femme Nikita in this funny, action-packed young adult novel.

It’s prom night—and Perry just wants to stick to his own plan and finally play a much-anticipated gig with his band in the Big Apple. But when his mother makes him take Gobija Zaksauskas—their quiet, geeky Lithuanian exchange student—to the prom, he never expects that his ordinary high school guy life will soon turn on its head. Perry finds that Gobi is on a mission, and Perry has no other choice but to go along for a reckless ride through Manhattan’s concrete grid with a trained assassin in Dad’s red Jag.

Infused with capers, car chases, heists, hits, henchmen, and even a bear fight, this story mixes romance, comedy, and tragedy in a true teen coming-of-age adventure—and it’s not over until it’s “au revoir.”


This is a book I found in the piles of library discards for sale. I bought it on a whim, because it seemed sufficiently vague and intriguing enough to hold my attention. Plus I have a growing weakness for books that act like B movies in bound form. (B movie referring to a low budget, commercial film. Think straight to VHS sequels and those off brand animated movies that populate Netflix.)

What I like so much about books like Au Revoir, Crazy European Chic is that I go into their maybe 200 page existence with the same mindset I have when I walk into a Fast and the Furious movie. I’m not expecting anything more than explosions, hot actors/actresses, and to laugh. Schreiber’s book may not be groundbreakingly fantastic, but it has a break neck pace and unbelievable stunts, a Euro Trip meets Mr and Mrs Smith.

Each chapter is organized to be a response to a college admissions question, following with the theme of the question and allowing the book to have a nice overall organization and flow. It’s a fast read, jam packed with high speed chases through New York City, near death experiences, actual death experiences, criminals, and an undercover assassin. Nothing about this story is believable at all, but you’re left turning pages just to find out what happens.

Despite it’s 190 page weight, this books holds all the drama of being a teenager along with the high octane feeling of  a Hollywood shooter film. Since hit is summer, and for me at least shorter books are the go to reads, this would be a good thriller to curl up with by the pool or in bed and breeze through in a couple of hours.

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