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June TBR

So, with May in the wraps it’s time for me to look to June and pick out the reading list for this coming month. Honestly, I’m super excited about it, since this is my first proper summer with monthly reading lists and me staying mostly on track. Last month I had the unintentional theme of… Continue reading June TBR

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Give Me Five Friday: Five Books With Jewish Characters

I'm trying to make an effort to read more diverse books this summer, because while I love to harp on diversity in the media I'm ashamed to say I haven't actually read many diverse books. So to start with I think it would be good to identify different groups I either don't know a lot… Continue reading Give Me Five Friday: Five Books With Jewish Characters

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You’ve Got (Book) Mail!: The Summer Orders

It isn't often that I do a book mail type of thing, but this summer is pregnant with promise when it comes to my reading list. There are a lot of heavyweight champs on the title lists for me to knock-out in the coming months, so it felt like the moment needed some grand gesture.… Continue reading You’ve Got (Book) Mail!: The Summer Orders

Reading Lists

TBR Pile: May

When it comes to reading lists, I'm the worst. I'm eternally distracted. Sometimes a book doesn't hold my attention, or I loose motivation to continue, work gets hectic, the boyfriend comes over, school creeps up on me and knocks my "for fun" reading right out of my hand with a baseball bat. Whatever the reason,… Continue reading TBR Pile: May

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Book Breakdown: When Dimple Met Rishi

  Goodreads | Amazon When Dimple Met Rishi is an upcoming rom-com featuring two Indian-American protagonists at a programming summer camp. This book appealed to me due to the #OwnVoices tag (a movement started by Corrinne Duyvis to promote traditionally unheard voices and characters). I was also interested in a female protagonist who is interested… Continue reading Book Breakdown: When Dimple Met Rishi

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Book Breakdown: Spindle Fire

  Spindle Fire, a fairytale retelling focusing on Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), by Lexa Hillyer debuted yesterday. This is a book that popped up on my radar recently, so I took a look at EpicRead's sneak peak at the first three chapters and the maps within the book. So here's the breakdown on this new release:… Continue reading Book Breakdown: Spindle Fire