June Wrap-Up

So you know that post I made that was all about my June TBR? Yeah, I don't think I followed that very well, surprise, surprise. I have a fallible weakness when it comes to libraries and books that are not on my designated reading list. But it's okay, because while I didn't work on my… Continue reading June Wrap-Up

Author Speaks, Rants

Agonies and Annoyances: Romanticizing Male Love Interests

Maybe I'm not the best person for this post. I make it known that I'm not a love story, happy ending, teenage drama kind of book reader. (There is the occasional exception, like Anna and the French Kiss) But I'm here to say, for all the shippers that like to dominate YA, your boy ain't… Continue reading Agonies and Annoyances: Romanticizing Male Love Interests

Guest Post, Wrap-up

Guest Post: Finding Ourselves

Since April is Autistic Awareness month, I wanted to find a way to showcase characters within popular culture and media that mean a lot to those who are autistic. So who better to ask than a friend? So here is my first ever guest post from Lani Hayes, great purple ancestor, costumer, fellow geek, and… Continue reading Guest Post: Finding Ourselves

Give Me Five Friday

Give Me Five Friday: Five CharactersΒ 

Characters mean a lot to people. Sometimes you just identify with them on such a level that you use them to explain yourself, and it's wonderful, because somehow they explain you more than you ever could have. Your favorite characters can say a lot about you personally, and I always find it an interesting question… Continue reading Give Me Five Friday: Five CharactersΒ