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Bedtime Bites: Books to Read Before Bedtime

Over the summer I was challenging myself to read a book a night, mostly to work my way through the piles of children's and middle grade books I've stockpiled through the years. So I'll be doing a few of these posts to give you all a list of books (four at a time) that you… Continue reading Bedtime Bites: Books to Read Before Bedtime

Reading Lists

October TBR/TBW

Coming into October there is a lot I'm excited to read. While some of it is for class, some is also for my own enjoyment (something a senior in undergrad desperately needs). So here's a quick round up of the books/poems/songs/WHATEVER I'll be tackling for October, and afterwards, the films I plan to watch. Books:… Continue reading October TBR/TBW

Author Speaks

The Diversity Directive: A Personal Challenge to Read/Watch More Minority Voices

As someone with a cultural studies addition to my majors I don't do a good job of diversifying my media intake. Sure, I've tried to make some cultures more relevant by liking several Facebook pages, but that doesn't factor into a lot of my intake of media and ideas. So I decided to challenge myself… Continue reading The Diversity Directive: A Personal Challenge to Read/Watch More Minority Voices


June Wrap-Up

So you know that post I made that was all about my June TBR? Yeah, I don't think I followed that very well, surprise, surprise. I have a fallible weakness when it comes to libraries and books that are not on my designated reading list. But it's okay, because while I didn't work on my… Continue reading June Wrap-Up

Reading Lists

June TBR

So, with May in the wraps it’s time for me to look to June and pick out the reading list for this coming month. Honestly, I’m super excited about it, since this is my first proper summer with monthly reading lists and me staying mostly on track. Last month I had the unintentional theme of… Continue reading June TBR